Lukins Construction, Underground Construction Specialists.
Lukins Construction, Underground Construction Specialists in Holstein, Iowa.

Lukins Construction was founded in 1974 by Fred and Julie Lukins. Five years later, Brother Loren "Willy" joined the company, and all three are active yet today at Lukins Construction. In 1974 The original business was started in a building rented from Stevenson Hardware in the small town of Quimby in Cherokee County, Iowa. With a small amount of experience and a lot of concern, we were able to purchase an older backhoe as our total fleet of equipment, hence the first business name of our company was "Quimby Hoe."

Rural water was the big push in those days and the company was growing nicely and adding a new and bigger customer base. But after a few years the rural water boom was slowing and with high interest taking its toll on the rural communities, we looked for a bigger local customer base and after much looking decided on the City of Holstein and a name change to Lukins Construction, Ltd. Time does seem to fly as Lukins Construction, Ltd., has been at this current location at 206 West Railroad St. since 1989.

We are in the Northwest corner of town and you can see our shops near the top right in our web page picture.

We have a group of great employees and they are ready to help with your needs.

Call for free estimates or just stop by to chat. The coffee is always on.
- Fred Lukins


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